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It’s great to meet you.

Hopefully, you’re reading this because you like my photography or have heard of me through my work or, perhaps you are reading this because you are looking to see if I could help create some special images for you. As this is my ‘about us’ page, it seems appropriate that I should tell you a little about myself and what I can do for you.

There is no doubt that I am mostly a family/child photographer. I have always worked with children, first as a childminder with a passion for photography, now a photographer with a passion for child photography. I just love it!

I am fortunate enough to run my own Nursery School Photography business as well as owning my own studio.  The studio is unlike most high street studios as I prefer to work on a more personal level with my clients.  My studio is both friendly and affordable but most importantly, relaxed.

Its great to be able to throw open its doors when it suits me, and you!

I might be the one behind the camera, but I am lucky enough to have an ‘Ian’ who supports me in any way he can.  He runs deliveries, collections, admin, printing, packing as well as bringing me and my clients coffee when needed. 


kids are in charge!

When I first started working as a photographer, I worked for a big schools photography company. I learned a lot from them – including how I DIDN’T want to work! They wanted everything to be done super quick, with time limits on how long to spend with each child – even the really young or really shy ones! 

I knew this was no way to get the best from a little one, so when I decided to work for myself I wanted to work at the child’s pace. 

Whether in a school, a nursery, or in my own studio, I make sure I spend the time to get to know every child, so that the smiles you see are real and genuine. 

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