Terms & Conditions 

Use of Discount Codes

We reserve the right to cancel ANY order using the incorrect discount code at checkout.  Please ensure you use the CORRECT code for your purchase.  Only one code can be applied per order.  For orders qualifying for multiple discounts, please place your orders separately through the website, through your school order form or contact us directly.

Refund Policy

All items sold on this site have been made to order so therefore are deemed ‘bespoke’.  Bespoke products are excluded from a right to an automatic refund. In the event that you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us to discuss your concerns. NOTE – Due to processing techniques, it may not be possible to match exactly all colours as seen by the human eye.


From May 28th 2018 the new EU General data Protection Regulation has come into force.  These changes affect the way in which businesses hold and use the data of their customers.  

Every image is stored on our own, secure in house server.  Only when a user name and password are entered does the image proof become available to view.  Each child is provided with their own unique user identification number.

The data we hold, covers past and present orders.  This data is securely held to enable us to provide the best service possible to our customers.  This data is limited to contact information and order contents.  We do not retain any details of payment methods beyond order completion.

Your data is used by us in order to successfully provide the service that you are paying for.  We do not keep mailing lists and we will not contact you unless is is deemed necessary to complete your order.

Our website includes a bank level secure SSL certificate

We do not share information with third party companies however, images are processed by a professional print laboratory in order to fulfil your request.  This company is compliant with GDPR regulations.  

If you have any further questions regarding any of these matters, or indeed anything further, please don not hesitate to contact us


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